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Orchestral and Band Easier Keyboard Song parts (than in original casio books)

ROCK solos for accompaniment style keyboards sheet music

Beginner DANCE accompaniment styles keyboards sheet music (Trance techno etc)
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Casio song lighting step lesson files
Beginner Classical /other style sheet music and piano 2 handed arrangements
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Each Keyboard or piano piece has 3 to 4 different file types and is learnt 4 ways on 4 different programs
Screen shots are the same level 1 novice RAINDROPS piece shown in the different programs . Pieces go up to level 4 intermediate and in many styles.
Keyboard pieces also have optional Chord symbols for auto accompaniment.
1st method screenshot : Scrolling notation with .NWC files like these in the free noteworthy viewer
2nd method: Seeing the keys with Van Bascos free Virtual keyboard Midi Player
3rd method Seeing the letters in the notes with special fonts . PDF files
4th method --.Optional Only for Lighting Casio keyboards

Advice for reading keyboard sheet music

(excerpt from "SA Contemporary Trends in Music Education Journal" . Edition 103 Article Guide for reading sheet music on the keyboards copyrighted in USA 2002. A hard copy journal published by Ezmusic4u Partners - SA Music Education Press)

"Tricks" to help you read keyboard sheet music

The brain has different types of memory. Try to almost stand back and see what information about the keyboard sheet music your brain is trying to link together. Once you understand this you will really give your brain cells a chance first to deal with the information in a way that makes it easier to read the keyboard sheet music. It might seem that our brain cells can handle a lot of information at once. . This is only because it all happens so fast. In reality only ONE part of the brain can operate at a time , even if in billi seconds. But first lets try to understand each different type of memory.

  • MUSCULAR MEMORY. The positions your fingers move to as they constantly reassess which fingers to place on the keyboard at which times as you read the keyboard sheet music. Your brain has to remember 2 things.
  1. The ORDER in which your fingers move as you look at the keyboard sheet music.
  2. WHICH FINGERS are used and on which black or white notes of the keyboard. Of course the cells in your brain allocated to remember keyboard finger positions are also referring back constantly to your VISUAL MEMORY to help you read the keyboard sheet music.

TRICK TIP 1 : Go through the keyboard sheet without your keyboard tapping the fingers you would use in the music on a table and saying them aloud. This way you make it easier for your brain to take in less information at a time. This results in remembering the fingering positions far quicker.

  • VISUAL MEMORY. Just as your visual memory remembers your way to the store. The signposts, the shops you pass, the park and other things you will see on the way, lets think about what your visual memory tries to remember as it takes in what is printed on your keyboard sheet music.
  1. It tries to remember which line or space in the 5 lines and spaces each dot is placed. And here is where it get bogged down. There are so many variations of positions in so many different orders that our brain cells need a little more help to do this efficiently as we look at the keyboard sheet music

TRICK TIP 2 : Most movements of the dots on the music stave can be more easily memorised if you just think of Steps, Skips and Jumps in addition to remembering some of the letter notes. That way there is no need to remember every single letter note ! Click here to join our newsletter and be sent the free illustrated PDF Steps Skips and Jumps article as well as other free email lessons for keyboard sheet music