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(also .MID midi and .cm2 step lighting files for Casio keyboards and digital pianos LK70 LK90TV PX500 AP40R PX 100 PX 300 PX 400 )

Easy 2 handed sheet music for Keyboard or piano

Article --- Hints when reading piano sheet music
These sheet music pieces and those in other categories are all learnt with additional other sound lesson files and software :See screenshots here
These piano oe keyboard sheet music pieces in EZ to play music fonts and those in other categories are all learnt with additional other sound lesson files and software too:See screenshots here
D = Download now PDF only  D F = Download All Files .NWC .PDF .MID midi format 0 lesson sound and animated notation files as attatchments to forum posts .See screenshots here of how these work in the free programs you can also download

These and others are all available with these lesson files :

  • PDF Sheet music -EZ to play NotesEZPlay_notes
  • Noteworthy .NWC Viewer files - Print ( standard notes ) , See highlighted scrolling notes, Hear, and Play - will also light your keyboard notes if you have a lighting keyboard
  • Virtual Keyboard Midi Player .MID midi format 0 files- See piano keys moving as lesson file plays for Yamaha Casio Korg Kawai Roland and other keyboards

Scherezade Rimsky KoraskovLevel 4 2 to 3 years playing D

D F Scherezade Rimsky Koraskov Level 4

D F Raindrops Level 1- early beginner if your speakers are turned on) Press Refresh in browser to start again.
D F Hava Nagila Level 4 - 1 to 2 years playing)



  • Optional CASIO LIGHTING .cm2 files (for LK 70 and LK 90 TV AP40R PX 100 PX 300 PX 400R PX 500 digital pianos keyboards user memory [ send the .MID files via the Casio SMF converter program and smart media cards)
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Classical and other syle keyboard and piano sheet music for two hands. Helpful tips

(adapted from excerpt from "SA Contemporary Trends in Music Education Journal" . Edition 97 Article Guide for reading sheet music on the keyboards Copyrighted in USA 2001. A hard copy journal published by Ezmusic4u Partners - SA Music Education Press)

Classical sheet music is normally of all the genres ( Styles of music) the most difficult for beginners to master. These keyboard arrangements are unique in that they allow you to use the autoaccompaniment as an alternative to playing both hands , though both left and right hand parts are provided so that you can alos develop in piano style

DISSIMILAR PHRASES including dissimilar fingering and note patterns are more common in classical style piano music so pay careful attention to beginning each phrase with the correct finger as marked,

Nevertheless the more predictable side of classical sheet music is that fingers move mostly in steps ( A B C D E F G ) That is usually white notes lying adjacent on the keyboard, or in clearly defined skips ( Skipping from A to C or B to D or C to E and so on )

TRICK TIP 1: Go through the sheet music you can download above and notice which piano or keyboard notes are NOT notes lying adjacent in the right hand ( called steps) You will find these are very much in the minority except for more advanced pieces.This way you wont by caught by surpises when your suddenly you adjacent fingers cant do the trick and you have to skip from the thumb to the middle finger and so on whilst playing the piano or keyboard piece.

TRICK TIP 2: Place the correct fingers as marked ( fingers 1(thumb) 2 (index) 3 (middle) 4 (4th) 5th (little finger ) at the beginning of each SLUR PHRASE mark of the keyboard / piano sheet music ( the curved lines above the notes. Notice that many phrases start with a different finger but from then on use adjacent fingers mostly .So in effect your WHOLE is MOVED LEFT or RIGHT to begin each phrase but then remains in a static position until that phrase is finished (90% of the time execpt in much more advanced piano or keyboard sheet music )

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