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Printable digital keyboard sheet music with midi sound, animated notation viewer files and keyboard lesson articles
Keyboard lessons with animated keyboard fingering placements
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TECHNO DANCE Level 1 Course Software. Learning to play and read sheet music - 6 lessons *

PLAY ONLINE with KEYBOARD PIANO LESSONS COURSE SOFTWARE . Learning to play read sheet music - 8 online mini lessons free from 64 mni lessons *

ROCK Level 1 Course Software. Learning to play and read sheet music -1 lesson*

Download sheet music for course and listen here
Software lesson course with free Noteworthy viewer. Play and learn with scrolling notes
Free lesson course with free Noteworthy viewer showing scrolling notes
FORUM DOWNLOADS library music lesson software courses and sheet music includes counting methods , fingering help, sectional repetition. You can view the forum freely and download free programs ( simple quick downloads) and music files


Please read here for my views on beginner keyboard music lessons having taught many styles on keyboards for a long time.

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PLAY and READ Beginners music lesson software course Level 1

Teaches beginners to read music playing beginner whole note, half note and quarter note rhythms, and a simple 5 finger position step wise right hand melodies along with the counterpoint sound backings. Keyboard piano electric guitar oboe can use this sheet music lesson material.

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ROCK play and read sheet music software lesson course

Using a 3 finger position in the right hand lesson . The hand moves into 3 different positions on the keyboard. Rhymths Include as for Level 1A but include more mixed rhythms as well as counting rests. The rock band drums bass and instrumentals accompaning you help keep you place in a rock band setting. Electric guitar and keyboard can use this animated sheet music lessons material

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TECHNO DANCE play and read TECHNO DANCE sheet music lesson course

4 different 5 finger positions in this sheet music and 4 chords. Learning the ability to count and hold your place against complex dance rhythms in the techno sound backing you play with. Flute oboe keyboards electric guitar can use this sheet music lesson material.

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Click here to see free reading program .Click here to see playing fingers by memory program (screenshot graphics) Click here to see EZ to play alphabet printable PDF sheet music which is arranged Level 1 to 4 with additional noteworthy animated see hear print and play notations for the Noteworthy viewer ( free) , the virtual keyboard software midi attachments ( Using van Bascos playes also free) , and optionally for LK 70 LK 90TV and other lighting keyboards .cm2 files for smart cards and format 0 files for direct upload to user memory or just to play through keyboards not as step lessons but to light up the keyboard or play through any Model Yamaha, Korg. Technics Roland Casio or any midi keyboard



Ive been teaching beginners for many years at my studio and in schools. I found more and more that problems around teaching beginners and the beginners problems in learning came from amongst many reasons, a lack of creatively arranged beginner sheet music and instrumental music lesson course resources for beginners. This website is for them to to access the downloable midi files, sheet music and viewer plugin formats of music Ive written some of it for keyboards available in books view_content_here and some for piano. not in those books. So a lot of those music sheets are going up here but with extra digital sound and animated viewer files to make it esier to learn.

After a few years I felt a need to create my own material rather than rely on the books that so often, although there are also many wonderful books, seemed to have technical advancement as the core goal with no sense of how the student would experiece being subjected to the pace of learning the sheet music arrangements presented. Ive found that, too often sheet music for beginners is graded to get them ( mostly ) from one stage to the next as quickly as possible, not bearing in mind that the load of new information and challenges after challenges from one week to the next, with multiple new fingerings, musical rhythmic reading skills and other technical skills to learn leaves the student feeling they are no longer capturing the hope they had of feeling like they are 'playing music", in the sense of with an easy natural flow and coming closer to the magic they sensed seeing musicians and performing written sheet music or improvising and totally captured in its magical world.

At the moment the easy sheet music and music lessons are mostly for keyboard beginners . More specific digital instrumental sheet music will also be added. The aim is to provide free to you information and lessons about how to play the musical instruments and how to read sheet music for beginners. The aim to keep adding continually in depth keyboard lesson content like fingering lessons, explanations with easy to read music with alphabet notes and so on. The easy keyboard sheet music pieces and beginner keyboard lesson courses will give you a taste of how easy and exciting music can be to play if written sensitively with the pace of beginners in mind. material from 4 books as well as other piano sheet music arrangements is being transformed into sheet music with digital sound examples of it all as well as notation in the free noteworthy program, and using Van Bascos virtual keyboard in his free midi player to see the keyboard notes responding to the midi files being created for you.


ALthough learning theory is very helpful its in the real sheet music that it makes sense finally and in playing it music , not just excercises. Courses Quizzes and Lessons on reading are helpful but one really learns with a sense of excitement only when actually playing sheet music and putting knowledge like that into practice. Music is music and every piece of sheet music is a series of moods waiting to be discovered, Excercises though helpful, dont inspire beginners the same way as playing an exciting beautiful or funky piece of inspired sheet music !

Some of the keyboard and piano sheet music and music courses based on very well known pieces and some entirely original created especially for beginners, but designed not to sound simply like " simple beginners excercise " but with a sense of flow and joy.

The easy to read sheet music fonts ( with alphabet music notes and letters) as well as standard ( without the alphabet letters in the middle music fonts) help very much when beginners learn to read. Althugh some frown on this approach with the argument that one cannot learn "normal" music , it if its combined with both as well as using software to help reading "normal music fonts", then students can just get on with reading and more importantly "playing " the music and at other times challenenges themselves to learn the "real "notes too.

Aside from sheet music for all keyboards or piano there are casio songs being made for LK 90 LK 70 AP40R PX100 PX300 PX400 and PX 500 lighting keyboards and digital pianos to download onto smart cards. ( see optional method 4 to download the songs to casio keyboard and digtial pianos user memory ) These can also be seen as digital notation to use with the noteworthy viewer software which is free. The aim is over time to create LK 90 and LK 70 casio songs in blues style, LK 90 and LK 70 casio songs in rock and other styles for beginners. Lighting keyboards are a great way to learn music by memory.


Sheet music and lessons on this website are presently for keyboard players and pianists . Although you might find only keyboard sheet music and keyboard courses now, soon considerable material in EZ PLAY font letter format and Standard music fonts for other instruments will also be available in digital interactive viewer, printable and audio formats as is the music available now. Enjoy the beginner sheet music, lessons and courses material here !